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Re: qama'

>While we're at it:  the correct question would be {nuq DaghoS}.  "What are you
>approaching?"  Use the direct object.  The only reason we speakers of English
>even consider "Where are you going?" probably needing a locative-type question
>and matching answer is that we think of {ghoS}'s having other meanings besides
>"approaches."  "Goes to" includes a prepositional word in English.  But, look
>at the verb as one unit, not as a verb plus a prepostion.
>Can we say {nuqDaq DaghoS?} without merely being redundant.  After all, using 
>{-Daq} after the verb {ghoS} is "somewhat redundant, but not out and out
>wrong." (TKD p28)  The answer still would not require a locative construction.
>If the answer did include {-Daq}, the answer would be "somewhat redundant, but
>not out and out wrong."  Reading TKD p69, I get the feeling that {nuqDaq}
>questions and {-Daq} answers mean the action takes place at that location.

In the last MO interview he said you can have 
noun DaghoS
noun-Daq bIghoS
noun-Daq DaghoS (which means the same as noun DaghoS)
but you cannot have: noun bIghoS

Yes, the -Daq with Da- is redundent, but is allowed

So with ...DaghoS, you can use nuq or nuqDaq
perhaps nuq would be used when approaching a thing
nuqDaq (what place) would be used when approaching a place


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