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klbc: SIv

as much as i don't contribute much, i wanted to make a comment on the word
<SIv>. in english the use of "to wonder" is very vague sometimes, but in
it's barest meaning it is a natural yes/no question. for example, in
spanish (Mo speaks it, right?) the "i wonder" structure is even more
straighforward, it is made of a sentence meaning "i ask myself if..." for

i wonder who his enemy is.
me pregunto quien es su enemigo.
jaghDaj ghaH 'Iv 'e' vISIv.

i wonder if she ate the gagh i alone made for her.
me pregunto si habrá comido el gag que solito le hice.
nIteb ghaHvaD qagh vIvutbogh Sopta' 'e' vIsIv.

just wondering...

SuvwI' ponglu'be'bogh, 
Rolando Coto.

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