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Re: {nuqDaq DaDab}

Steven Boozer wrote:
> Which probably works fine if "Shannon" is the name of a settlement or
> planet.  But what if "Shannon" is a person?
>         ?*Shannon*Daq vIDab.
>         I live at Shannon's place.  (i.e. "chez Shannon" in French)
>         I'm staying/residing with Shannon.
No, then you would be living ON Shannon, and I don't think she would
appreciate that :-)

>         ?Shannon juH vIDab.
>         I live in Shannon's house.
This is no problem, I think. {*Shannon* juH} is here the object of

>         ?Shannon Sa' toQDuj vIDab.
>         I'm living on Gen. Shannon's Bird-of-Prey.
Looks the same to me...

> IOW: is "Shannon" a {nuq} or a {nuqDaq}?
That'sanother question I won't answer, because I'm not too sure about it
myself :-)

> Hmm... can you say {'Iv vIDab?} "Whom are you living with? Who's your
> roommate?"  
Definitely not! I understand {Dab} as "dwell at, live at", so {'Iv
DaDab} (NB: you wrote vIDab!) only means to me "who do you live at" Does
that make any sense (beside of living ON s.o.)??
I would use other verbs like {tay'} or {tlhej}
{Dutlhej 'Iv?} "who are you living with?"
{pa'vam vIDab. mutlhej wo'rIv} "I am living in this room with worf."
{wo'rIv Qe'} "Chez Worf"
I don't know how to use tay', I don't use it too often in everyday

> living?" Which is something one Klingon-speaking Trill symbiont might ask
> another. <g>
Yes. :-)

> For that matter, can you use {-Daq} on a personal name at all?  Could
> {wo'rIvDaq} be the name of a restaurant: the "Chez Worf"? <G>
Oh! You are asking questions!!
That would be more like english "at Worf" or "on Worf" or "in Worf".
I understand Dab more like the french "", and " Worf" is wrong.


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