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Re: Hoch

ghItlh TPO:

>>how can fuel be "whole"? what is bIQ naQ? tI naQ?
>tI naQ, sure.  The entire vegetation... the roots, the stems, the leaves...

    In my conception, {naQ} refers especifically to just one thing
while {Hoch} refers in general. naQ - One egg, one plant/vegetation, 
etc. Hoch - all kinds of eggs, vegetation, etc.
Of course it depends on the context.

    Hoch yuQ yIQaw' - Destroy every planet (Everyone that you'll find)
    yuQ naQ yIQaw' - Destroy all planet (Just that planet)

    QIm naQ yISop - Eat the entire egg (Not the yolk merely, but everything)
    Hoch QImmey yISop - Eat all eggs (which are in your plate).

    Dujvam ghoSmeH lI' Hoch nIn (Every fuel is useful to thrust this ship)
    Dujvam ghoSmeH nIn naQ wIlo' (We use all/entire fuel to thrust this ship)



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