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Re: jebberwa'qay

ja' peHruS:
>Ah, but he succeeded too well.  Speakers of English now use "chortle" and
>"jabberwocky."  Even Webster's dictionary publishers gave in and included

I have *never* heard anyone use those words outside the context of the
poem itself.  I have only read "chortle" in a handful of books, and I
can't imagine any situation where "jabberwocky" would be spoken with any
meaningful intent.  But as long as you're presenting examples of how the
English language has gained vocabulary, why don't you bring up "quiz" or

>Someday you and I will talk about how languages develop.

And one might hope that someday you will accept that the Klingon language
is as yet merely a simulation of a living language, and it does not yet
have the base of speakers to permit it to develop "naturally" as one.  We
are all merely students of the language today, and as such we don't have
any right to presume to define new grammar.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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