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RE: The vaS'a' joke (was, Re: jatlh)

jatlh Voragh:

> ... It obviously looses something in the translation.

jatlh T'Lod:

> HISlaH.  mughmo' chIlba' ngoQ.  qar'a' mu'tlheghwIj?

Nice try, but some grammar problems. First, <mughmo'> means "because
(someone) translated" or maybe "because (someone) translated it". The
problem is that the subject - (someone) - is not stated anywhere. Klingon
has a tool for expressing this: the suffix <-lu'>. There is also a similar
problem with <chIlba' ngoQ>. <chIl> is "lose, misplace", and a <ngoQ> cannot
<chIl> all by itself. Someone, however, can certainly <chIl> a <ngoQ>, so
<ngoQ> needs to be the object of the verb and go before it. For the subject
we need to use the <-lu'> suffix again.

mughlu'mo' ngoQ chIllu'ba'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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