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Re: Hello

ja' peHruS:
>It appears your reader does not leave in the spaces I type in.  I deliberately
>leave 5 spaces between sentences on the same line.

Huj.  ghItlhmeH 'ej laDqu'meH, wa' DoD cha' chevwI' chIm je ngeD law'
vagh chevwI' chIm ngeD puS 'e' vInoH jIH.

>So far, I DO think the verb {Sap} can take the object {'e'} well enough,
>obviously referring back to the whole previous "sentence."

{'e'} does obviously refer to the previous sentence.  That's its core 
meaning, after all.  My concern is with {Sap} being able to take *any*
sort of object, {'e'} or otherwise.  "Volunteer" sounds intransitive 
to me, like "do calisthenics" or "be thirsty" or "have a headache". 
{Sap} doesn't have a definition like {Hech} "intend, mean to" which 
invites an object.  It's more like {vem} "wake up, cease sleeping".

Maybe we'll discover that {Sap} can also mean "volunteer to", the way 
we recently found out that {SIv} can apparently mean "wonder if".  But
today, {...'e' Sap} just sounds wrong to me.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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