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RE: KLBC : bang bom mu'

Nic Rutherford:
> I use the phrase <Huj be'> to describe 'a stranger'. I couldn't
> find it the KD or the guide for the galatic traveller.  If anyone
> has any suggestions, then please mail me.

This needs to be {be' Huj} "a strange woman".  {Huj be'} is a sentence:
"The woman is strange".  You could also use {-wI'} "one who is" - {HujwI'}
- though since Okrand has never used {Huj} in context, we don't know
whether this would mean someone whom you don't know/recognize or someone
who is behaving strangely.  If the latter, other options are {jum} "be
odd}, {taQ} "be weird" and {motlhbe'} "be unusual", which we know can refer
to people:

	tera'ngan motlhbe' SoH. 
	You are an unusual Terran. PK

For a {bom} I like the sound of {be' motlhbe'} "an unusual woman".
: {nov} "alien, foreigner" comes close. 

There is also the verb {nov} "be foreign, be alien" so, like {Huj}, you can
have {be' nov" "a foreign woman" and {nov be'} "the woman is foreign".

: 														  {Hur'Iq} is a slang term meaning
: "outsider, foreigner".  It's literally referring to the home or society
: of a race called the Hur'q.  Those are probably not the kind of "stranger"
: you mean, though.    

I'm always reminded of Earth's Vandals.  Originally the name of a barbarian
tribe that looted and ransacked Rome, the word was later generalized to
"vandal" and the verb "vandalize".  The Hur'q were also an infamous race of
invading, looting {novpu'}.  Surely {Hur'Iq} is related to the noun {Hur}
"(area) outside" and perhaps meant "outsider" in some ancient {no' Hol}

: I think the suggestion of {be' vIqIHpu'be'bogh} or something similar is

	"a woman whom I've never encountered (before)"

Variations on this theme are:

	be' vISovbe'bogh		"a woman whom I don't know"
	be' vIghovbe'bogh		"a woman whom I don't recognize"

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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