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Re: Japanese vs. Klingon (was: Re: gauntlets (was: another new-to-the-list))

ja'  No Ikons, 
(also called Power Is Not Added Freely)
>Please excuse; I also am new to the list but have an 
> observation that I hope may be worthy of the consideration 
> of this august council:
> One notes a strong similarity between the style of Klingon 
> (so far as I have seen thus far)
> and the Oriental languages, especially Japanese.

Well, noted. We don't know if it is intentional; 
Dr. Okrands mind is devious enough to mystify all but a few of us. 
We just love his puns tho :-D

Have you looked at Itabashi's Encyclopedia Klingonica?
(for the English translation) -OR-
(You will need NJWIN or some other Chin/Japanese viewer to see this,
it is written almost entirely in Japanese)

He has compiled phonetic cognates there as well. 
These are Japanese words obviously stolen from the original Klingon,
just as the great Playwright Shakespeare was plagarized by the
English, in old Europe.

Qapla' batlh 'ej!
Qor'etlh valwI'na', Daq marr tuq, IKV QonoS qa' wo' Duj
yIn nI' yISIQ 'ej pechep. 
qepHom 'utlhHom - Klingon Language Institute. 
{qo'mey poSmoH Hol}-language opens worlds-/
Maybe I'm wrong, but I am always Qor'etlh.
{nuq, vISaH?} - What, me worry? - 
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