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Re: -pu'

>I know. And you do a wonderful job of it in English, but you CANNOT say
>in Klingon. Hey, I don't make the rules... But I'm not totally convinced
>that "I once thought" is different from "I had thought". What is the real

Sov 'e' neH 'Iv? tlhIngan jabbI'IDghomvam. naDevvo' jaH tera'ngan.

>Or consider: mumISmoH moHaqmey 'ach DaH mumISmoHbe'.
>It is a pain, that rule. You're not the first to think so. Join the club.

qay''a' 'oH! vImuS!

>>*chutmey vIlobbe'qang 'e' vIjatlh neH. HIchergh.*
>reH macherghqang.


--- loD Doq

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