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Re: KLBC: Definitions

'oghwI' wrote:

: >KGT p226 & p261    torch (n) - Sech
: I've only just got KGT so that's why I didn't see it.

What I wouldn't give for an index to KGT!  Right now I just write page
references next to the Klingon words in the glossary.  Unfortunately, not
all of the words mentioned in the text are listed in the glossary.
: But what sort of torch:
: 1, Small electric light carried in the hand.
: 2, mass of burning material carried by hand.

Surely no. 2.  Okrand and the Paramount writers, being Americans, would
refer to no. 1 as a "flashlight"; an electric "torch" is a British term.
: Has it been used in canon?

The "Torch of G'boj" was mentioned in a list the three or four most revered
items to the Klingons in a DS9 episodes whose name I don't remember.
Okrand came up with {ghI'boj Sech} to cover it.  And before you ask, we
didn't see it nor do we know whether G'boj was a person or a place from
Klingon history.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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