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KLBC: Re: KLBC: Room number

ja' pagh
>jatlh 'oghwI'
>> Just a very quick question.
>> If I wanted to say room 5 would that be
>> pagh pa'
>> or
>> pa' pagh?
>Neither - <pagh> is zero. 'ej pa'wIjDaq nuq Data'? {{;-)>

Ah, yes.  In my haste, I did not read the message before I sent it.

>If a number is precedes a noun, it is a count: <vagh pa'> - five rooms. If
>the number is follows a noun, it is a number: <pa' vagh> - room #5.
>if you add a <-DIch> to the number, it becomes an ordinal and follows the
>noun: <pa' vaghDIch> - the fifth room.

Ok, so
chamwI' cha'Dich
wej ray'
peng loS

2nd Technician
3 targets
torp. number 4.


HovpoH 99129.48

>Beginners' Grammarian

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