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Re: KLBC: Room number wrote:

: Just a very quick question.

If BG Pagh will allow me to play through, a quick answer then - quotations from canon, since I have my notes file open.

: If I wanted to say room 5 would that be
: 	pagh pa'
: or 
: 	pa' pagh?
: I think it's the first one.

Nope, the second.  For example:

	pa' cha'maH wej 'oH pa'lIj'e'. 
	Your room is number 23.
	(lit. "Your room is room 23.") CK

	SoHvaD 'uQ wej vIqem. 
	I'll bring you dinner number three.
	(lit. "I'll bring you dinner three.") CK

{pagh pa'} is "five rooms".  Plural suffixes are optional in Klingon, especially following numbers.  This could also mean "Pagh's room", as in your next question.

: And also 'oghwI'`s room.
: 	'oghwI' pa'
Correct, or even "the Oghwi Room" (named after a benefactor, for example).  {pa' 'oghwI'} would be understood as "the room's Oghwi" or (much less likely) "the room, Oghwi" in apposition - whatever those might mean.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled Grammarian...)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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