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Re: KLBC: bIQDep / bIQ Ha'DIbaH

: {Dep} "being (nonhumanoid)" (TKD p 84).  If this is correct, MO will
: eventually give us the terms for other nonhumanoid beings. Perhaps Maltz just
: has not yet told us about {muDDep} and/or {chalDep} or {loghDep}.  What if
: there are {wutlhDep}?
: peHruS

We've certainly seen various types of *{loghDep} on TNG etc., most recently in last week's Voyager episode, "Bliss".

*{wutlhDep} huh?  Like the *a'kweth* ("the hidden") - also called *tcha-besheh* ("the Underliers") - the enormous and ancient intelligences that reside under the great deserts on Vulcan?  Cf. Diane Duane's _Spock's World_ (p.118 et passim) for details.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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