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Another new word

Today, I was sent a .wav file of Okrand pronouncing another new 
word. The pronunciation was exceptionally clear, so I feel quite 
certain of the spelling, which was different from that which the 
person expected who presented it.

The new word is:


It is a ceremonial knife used in the ritual of *Mauk To'Vor*. 
[seen in ST: DS9 Episode *Sons of Mogh*.]

The word comes from a recording of Okrand's pronunciation at an 
exhibit at 1998 Praxis. The exhibitor was told by someone other 
than Okrand that it should be spelled {m'veQ}, but I definitely 
hear a very clear {-a'} after the {m} and the word's final 
consonant is definitely {q} and not {Q}. Okrand even included 
that little unvoiced puff of air, like an unvoiced {a} after the 
{q}. He never does that after a final {Q}. 

So, anyway, we have a recording of Okrand pronouncing the word 
and he was apparently impressed with the knife, so unless 
someone has major problems with this, we have another new word 
in canon. I have it in yet another version of the New Words list 
loaded into the Incoming directory, awaiting our busy 
administrator's attention to place it where it belongs so the 
rest of you can see it.


charghwI' 'utlh

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