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RE: Another new word

>> Oh joy, another knife!  IIRC, the {ma'veq} has curved twin 
>> blades ... for those of us who try to keep our Klingon blade 
>> lore straight.  As an exercise for the collective, just how 
>> many types of Klingon knives do we know of now?

: >ma'veq		Mauk To Vor knife

Is it a coincidence that {ma'veq} bears an uncanny resemblence to *mauk*, particularly if you consider that the letters U and V were originally written as U in Latin?  A fact which has nothing to do with Klingon, of course, but everything to do with a Western-trained human linguist named Okrand.

: >warjun	another food preparation knife
: Also, I thought that a "Warjun" was a small hatchet, not a knife.
: SuSvaj

Is a meat "cleaver" a large knife or a small hatchet?  Depends on how you use it.  The Chinese cooks I've seen on TV cooking shows tend to use one cleaver for all their hacking, cutting, slicing and dicing needs, where a European cook would use various types of knives.

Steven Boozer   University of Chicago Library

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