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Re: gauntlets (was: another new-to-the-list person's question)

from SuStel:
>Danger Will Robinson!

>For one thing, we don't know that
>the symbols even represent letters.
letters, or words, or syllables, or sounds - who knows...

>For all we know, it might be impossible
>to abbreviate in Klingon!
It might, but if the symbols are letters, then why not? My name  would be
"Quvar m. valer" :-)

>One thing that I am sure of is that it is highly
>unlikely that the Klingon symbols we see are an alphabet.
Yes, you're right, they're too short. It could mean anything.
We should keep it seperated: 
1) the caracters seen on Star Trek that are not readible
2) the pIqaDqoq that is used on the internet, HolQeD and so on.

>supposed meanings.  "Welcome Klingons?")
qechvam vIyajbe'. HIchuH!


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