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Re: gauntlets (was: another new-to-the-list person's question)

Please excuse; I also am new to the list but have an observation that I hope
may be worthy of the consideration of this august council:

One notes a strong similarity between the style of Klingon (so far as I have
seen thus far) and the Oriental languages, especially Japanese.

Points of similarity include:
1. Emphasis on verbs, vice nouns
2. Heavy usage of suffixes and prefixes as modifiers, and to show tones or
3. Compounding of simple nouns to create awkward-sounding complex nouns (to
the anglo-phone ear; cf japanese "mouth speaking tens" for english "cashier").

Might I be too far afield, then, if I were to speculate that the cryptic marks
mentioned on a certain pair of gaunlets might be pictographic in origin, or
even a stylized or phonetic pictograph? If the gauntlets were of ancient
origin one might even speculate that they represented an archaic and "lost"
link in the development of Klingon written language.

Respectfully submitted,
No Ikons, 
also called Power Is Not Added Freely.

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