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Re: Dab

ja' muHwI':
>Is it {nuq DaDab} or {nuqDaq DaDab} for "where do you live?"

"Yes, that's a very interesting question."
I can see Marc Okrand's customary enigmatic smile now...

After thinking about it briefly, *I* get the impression that the first
one one wants to know what kind of home you live in, and the second 
implies that the answer is expected to be a location name.

nuq DaDab? / chIrghHey vIDab.
nuqDaq DaDab? / voSpegh vIDab.

The other possible question is {nuqDaq bIDab}, which seems to have a 
very different focus from the others -- though I'm not sure what its 
focus really is.  Perhaps it's a little more general?

nuqDaq bIDab? / tera'Daq jIDab.

That's just my completely unofficial opinion.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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