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vertical arrangement of pIqaD characters

>>and if anyone else does use this arrangement, is there any schema for where
>>the characters are arranged vertically, ie descenders?
>I don't know for sure what you mean with that...

well. does the flat top of the characters for, say, "e", "ng" and "w" align
with the very top of the pointy bit for the character of "v", or with the
horizontal stroke in the middle? is it appropriate to align the pointy bit at
the bottom-left of the character for "u" with the bottom of the character for
"e", in effect squishing them together so they take up less room? or should we
consider each character to be positioned inside a rectangular box of fixed
size, with each character at the centre of that box?

my apologies if this seems like paying attention to glob flies.

esri dax is, well, yes.

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