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Re: Monster verb construction - does this work?

ja' charghwI':
>Well, I'd personally be tempted to pair it with your favorite
>noun thing and make a sentence, like this Klingon equivalent to
>"How are things going with your wife?" while addressing someone
>who has been complaining lately about marital problems, spoken
>to both members of the marriage:
>QaghHommeyHeyrajmo' Sungaghchuqqangqa'moHlaHbe'chu'taHneS'a'?
>"Your honors, are you, because of your apparent little errors,
>still perfectly unable to cause each other to again be willing
>to mate?"
>Not bad for two words.

Dojqu'.  DaH jInID:

QaghHommeyqoqrajmo' SupIchHa'chuqrupchoHmoHlaHbejtaHneSQo''a'?

"Your honors, are you continuing to refuse to certainly to be able to
cause each other to become prepared to forgive, because of your so-called
minor errors?"

Hey, if I'm changing one of the noun suffixes, why not another? ;-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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