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Re: Monster verb construction - does this work?

> Well, I'd personally be tempted to pair it with your favorite 
> noun thing 

jImon.  That was where I was heading when I put the beast together - but
the monstrosity was so convoluted .... 

> and make a sentence, like this Klingon equivalent to 
> "How are things going with your wife?" while addressing someone 
> who has been complaining lately about marital problems, spoken 
> to both members of the marriage:
> QaghHommeyHeyrajmo' Sungaghchuqqangqa'moHlaHbe'chu'taHneS'a'?
> "Your honors, are you, because of your apparent little errors, 
> still perfectly unable to cause each other to again be willing 
> to mate?"
> Not bad for two words.

Yes...  uh, but for a Community Ed class where I might use this as
an example... maybe "yaj" would be better than "ngagh".

> > d'Armond's pojwI' didn't blink at this and yielded:
> pojwI' never blinks.

Well - sometimes it crashes.  Or complains, but that is a matter of suffix
ordering error.

> pojwI' is a great way to quickly look up words. The task of 
> interpreting affix combinations is a substantial one, however...


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