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Re: Complex Sentences

> SISDI' vum 'e' mev Hoch loD 'ej juH ghoS

Let me see if I get this:

SIS	"It rains"
-DI'	"When / as soon as" (I wish that I knew about this suffix!)
vum	"to work"
'e'	"topic"
mev	"stops"
Hoch	"all / everyone"
loD	"man"
'ej	"and"
juH	"home"
ghoS	"come"

A few problems:

If I were to say "they stop working" would it be <vum 'e' lumev> (they
work, they stop it.)
<loD> is singular, shouldn't it be loDpu'? <Hoch loD> is "all of the man",
as opposed to just his arm.
The sentence said "go home" not "come home" so it should be <jaH>

*** I *really* wish I knew about <-DI'> ***

The new sentence would read:

		SISDI' vum 'e' lumev Hoch loDpu' 'ej juH jaH


--- loD Doq

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