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Re: Complex Sentences

>>>... and "When the rain falls". "The rain falls" is <pumtaH SIS>...
>>>	mevchoH vumghach 'ej juH lujaH loDpu' Hoch 'e' ghorgh pumtaH SIS
>>SIS  is a verb
>HIja'. <bIQ chal> vIjatlh 'e' bIchup'a' 

"the water's sky"?  "the sky of the water"?

I think you mean <chal bIQ>, "water of the sky"; which I still wouldn't use.
Get away from those nouns.
SIS is a verb.  Use it as a verb.

SISDI'...   "when it rains..."
SIStaHvIS...   "while its raining..."

SISDI' vum 'e' mev Hoch loD 'ej juH ghoS
When it rains, all the men stop working and go home.

This isn't the only way to write this.

vumbe'choH   could probably be used.
vumQo'   could probably be used.  This one would be better with  SIStaHvIS...
SISchoH   could be used.

But I like my first choice better.


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