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RE: It is by caffeine alone

> >    qI' 'oH vIHtaHghach'e'.
> >    (The movement is a warning.)
> <qI'> is "sign (a treaty) (v)", so it doesn't work here. This one is a bit
> tough. You should probably avoid anything with <-ghach> here, but without
> it, there is no  really simple translation I can think of. In general,
> when
> you have an English sentence with lots of verbs acting like nouns, when
> you
> translate it, you should let them act like verbs. Here's my attempt:
> ghuHchoHmoH Qombogh ghopDu'.
How about <ghuH bIH Qombogh ghopDu''e'> or <maQmIgh bIH Qombogh ghopDu''e'>
or <ghuH bIH ghopDu' QomtaH>?

> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian
~ Thornton

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