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Re: It is by caffeine alone

ghItlh Thornton:
>liked it so much that I decided to try translating into into tlhIngan
Good idea, if you're good at it ;-)

>   qa'vIn neH vIlo' vIH yabwIj 'e' vItaghmeH.
>   (I use only caffeine in order to initiate that my mind moves.)
I would use {-choH} instead of {tagh}. Besides, that sentence sound _very_
weird to me. I would have said:
{vIHchoHmeH yabwIj qa'vIn neH vIlo'}

>   Do' luSuq qechmey 'e' luraD java qurghmey.
>   (The beans of java compell the thoughts to acquire speed.)
Is that the translation of that sentence?? Put non-Klingon words in
*asterisks*, please!
"Luckily, the Java-Bean force that the ideas acquire it." is what I
Where did you find "speed"? {gho'Do} is "sublight speed", but I don't know
any other.
Isn't {qurgh} plural already?
chamey yIghuSQo'! }}:-)

>   nom vIHchoH ghopmey.
>   (The hands begin moving quickly.)
That's good. Except for {ghopDu'}, they are body parts. But perhabs you are
watching a horror movie, and there are many hands cut off, lying on the
ground, and then from all the sudden the hands starting moving with no
reason - then, {ghopmey} is okay :-)

>   qI' 'oH vIHtaHghach'e'.
>   (The movement is a warning.)
Is a warning? qI' means "to sign (a treaty)". Careful with -ghach, we can't
do a lot with it, actually, I don't even know WHAT we can do.

(NB: Your Klingon is pretty good, but perhabs you should post things like
that as KLBC. I just wanted to tell you, I don't know  if you do know that.)


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