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Re: KLBC..Family

>>Actually, I got it wrong.  I miscounted.
>>Your third cousin twice removed is your great-grandparent's sibling's
>>or your great-grandparent's great-great-great grandchild.
>Grr!  Ignore what I type, just listen to what I'm saying!
>Your third cousin twice removed is your great-granparent's sibling's child,
>or your great-grandparent's SIBLING'S great-great-great grandchild.
>Now does anyone wonder WHY they invented the first, second, third/once,
>twice, thrice removed titles?  Anyone actually want to talk about his
>great-grandfather's sister's great-great-great grandson and be understood?
>Stardate 99096.9

Actually, it goes like this  (I just don't know how to do it in Klingon)

		my great-grandparent
		|		|
	       bro		sis    (siblings)
		|		|
		g'child-1	g'child-2 	(first cousins)
		|		|
		g'g'child-1a	g'g'child-2a	(second cousins)
		|		|
		g'g'g'child-1b	g'g'g'child-2b	(third cousins)
		g'g'g'g'child-1c		(third cousins *once* removed)
		g'g'g'g'g'child-1d		(third cousins *twice* removed)

You get the "number" of the cousin by the number of generations back to the
common ancestor (minus 1)  For first cousins, it's *2* generations back to
the grandparent -- see, you don't count the sibling generation.  Children of
first cousins are second cousins.  The relationship of a child to one of
a pair of first cousins is "first cousins once removed" because there
is an additional generation involved.  (i.e., my cousin Linda's son Ben
is my first cousin onece removed.)  The number of times removed is the
number of generations between the third cousins in question.  Your third
cousin once removed is the *great-grandson* (3 generations) of your 
third cousin.

tevram, who has been doing genealogy for over 30 years

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