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Re: Sovchu'wI' (a wise man)

>>> jatlh vav:
>>> - "*cow* wIghaj. HuDvo' pumpu' 'ej Hegh.
>>> QapmeH Sovbe'lu'bogh laHmajmey wIDubnIS."
>>The father said, "We had a cow.  He fell from a hill and died.  We did not
>>know,  in order to succeed, we needed to improve our abilities."
>    You got the idea. The last paragraph I would mean:
>"In order to succeed, we had to develop our undiscovered abilities"

I would have used [ tu' ] - "discover"  instead of [ Sov ].

mataHmeH  laHmeymaj tu'lu'pu'be'bogh wIDubnIS

In this context I also like the [ taH ]


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