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RE: KLBC: Two things...

>>> I want to say ~Student of klignon language~
>> "he is a student of the klingon language"
>> tlhIngan Hol ghojwI' ghaH
>Or even better:
>tlhIngan Hol ghoj. (or maybe <... ghojlI'> or <... ghojtaH>)
>In English, we often say things like "He is <something>." when we could say
>"He does <something>." In Klingon, it's usually much better style to use the
>second form.
>Beginners' Grammarain

I agree with you, and this is how I would have written it, and how I was
going to write it in that message but then I remember that the subject
matter of the whole thread was N1-N2-N3-etc.  He wanted to know if you could
have more than two nouns togethers in a noun-noun.  I was continuing with
the example he used.


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