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Re: Hello

From: Alan Anderson <>

>ja' Scorpion <>:
>>Could someone tell me how to write "Scorpion"?  I'm just going to read
>>stuff here (no more posts) until I start learning it.  I just want to know
>>that word for now.
>Unfortunately, "scorpion" happens to be a very difficult word for
>a hypothetical native Klingon speaker to pronounce.  The sequence
>of sounds just doesn't fit Klingon phonology at all.  In order to
>approximate how I think it would sound with a Klingon accent, I'd
>have to add a bunch of extra vowels and spell it {SIqorpIyIn}.  A
>mangling like that probably isn't worth it.

Klingons who have learned Federation Standard can probably sound out
"scorpion" while speaking Klingon.  Transliterations really aren't
necessary, and they're also not recommended (see the FAQ).

>If you want to use it as a name, how about coining something like
>{tartlhuQ} "poisontail"?

I think ghunchu'wI' is being very unclear here.  It is NOT okay to go making
up terms like that for just any conversation.  If you walked up to me and
started talking about {tartlhuQ}, I'd have absolutely no idea what you were
on about.  What ghunchu'wI' means here is that if you're looking to come up
with a Klingon name for yourself, and if there's no word for "scorpion,"
then you might make up such a collection of words, sounds, meanings, etc.
for such a name.  But it's not going to be understood as a word!

Personally, I think {tartlhuQ} makes for a very alien-sounding name.  Not a
Klingon name, mind you, but still alien.  Especially if you stress the
second syllable.

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