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Re: loDpu'

naDev law' loDpu'.  loD law' nIv be' law' QIv.

The second sentence is the amazing one.  It means "There are more men than

The sentence uses the {law'/puS} construction.

HOWEVER, the verb of quality being compared is {law'} itself, which means
it'll be {loD law' law' be' law' puS}, a somewhat amusing, but completely
grammatical and understandable, construction.

HOWEVER, instead of using {law'/puS}, it uses slang, where {law'} and {puS}
are sometimes substituted for by paired verbs of quality.  These pairs must
have opposite meanings, and one must obviously be "better" than another, to
put it in the {law'} spot.  Here, we have {nIv} being substituted for {law'}
and {QIv} being substituted for {puS}.  The sentence now takes on a slangy
feel.  Think of "There be more men than women," or something like that.

HOWEVER, the particular verbs chosen to substitute, {nIv} and {QIv}, means
"superior" and "inferior," which has much to do, I think, with the
particular topic under discussion.  Though they're only grammatical tools,
they're also providing a particular flavor, a mood for the sentence to exist

FURTHERMORE, the verbs {nIv} and {QIv} rhyme, enhancing (I think) the slang
effect and the mood of the whole sentence!

All in all, pretty amazing!

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>Will you explain it to me?  I got the jist of it but I don't understand
>the construction.
>David Trimboli wrote:
>> Wow!  That's an amazing sentence!
>> SuStel
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>> >naDev law' loDpu'.  loD law' nIv be' law' QIv.

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