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Re: loDpu'

ja' charghwI':
>> ...I went with one of the alternatives that TKW tells us is
>> sometimes used "as a form of word play" (pages 178-180).
>That's KGT, not TKW, for anyone seeking to actually look that

HIvqa' veqlargh.  HochvaD paq pongna' Dangu'mo' qatlho'.

>I also think "straightforward" is a bit of a strong
>reference. Yes, it works. It works according to the description
>in KGT. I understood it when I saw it, but I would expect a lot
>of people to not understand it. KGT has more text than TKD, so
>fewer people read it. I have not even finished reading all of
>it, and likely won't for some time yet, so I don't immediately
>expect everyone to understand things written depending upon
>having read and remembered something from it.

I have a slightly different outlook.  I *do* expect everyone to
understand me, but I don't get upset if they don't.  Most of the
time I'm trying to set examples that people can emulate, and I
make no apologies for using "advanced" grammar.  I will happily
explain myself -- as I did when K'ryntes asked me to -- if the
person asking is obviously making an effort to understand.

Like Dennis Miller, I do not feel the need to "talk down" to the
people receiving my words.  (Miller often seems actually to be
talking *up* to his audience.  I like that.)

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