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Re: KLBC: Two things...

My first message got lost in the mail, here's a copy (corrected):

>      First thing I want to know if this translation is correct.....
> qechmeylI' vISovmoH

It should be <qechmeyraj tuSovmoH>. <-raj> because they are your (plural)
thoughts (which are not BCOL). <tu-> because it is you (plural) cause me to
know them.

> but more importantly how wold I convey the idea of
> random ideas?? could I just tag the type three suffix -Hey on the end of
> to make it seem less defined? as an idea I mean.... or would you just not
> bother with trying to make it so vague?

Leave it as it is, but read it as "Your ideas scatterd all over the place".

> Hey I just thought of something else.... in Noun - Noun construction is
> possible to get a situation of N1 - N2 - N3?? or would you translate that
> differently as a sentence?? for example....
> I want to say ~Student of klignon language~
>would there be a  N1 - N2 - N3 possibility??
>       tlhIngan Hol ghojwI'
>  or would it be something like:
>        tlhIngan Hol  jIH ghojwI''e'
>      I gathered this from section 6.3 of TKD but I don't think I
understand it
> right... could you give me a hand here as well??

It should be <ghojwI' tlhIngan Hol>. The form is: "N1 N2 (N3,4,5...)"

>  thanks

qay'be' 'oH

--- loD Doq

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