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tera'Daq lengwIj wa'DIch

This is my first long post (from sometime last year). I think the
grammarians (past and present) have helped me get it into a near-final
state.  So, here it is, along with the translation (in case I mistranslated
something really badly).

<tera'Daq lengwIj wa'DIch> 'ay' wa'
lut qon tuv'el, pach puqloD

jogh wa'Daq tera' tu'lu'. Human juHqo' 'oH. qIbvamDaq tera' Huj law' Hoch
qo' Huj puS. tera' mach law' Qo'noS mach puS. vaj jIHvaD pujlaw' tera'
tlham. <San veranSISqo'> vengDaq jIpawDI' Qapbe'qa' mughwI'wIj. Do'
jIQuptaHvIS DIvI' Hol vIHaD. jIghung; qagh vIrur. vaj tera' Soj qub jabbogh
Qe' vInej. <'Italyan> Qe' vItu' 'ej vI'el. jabwI'vaD jIjatlh <jIHvaD Soj
tlhorgh yIqem>. tlhorghHa'qu' Sojqoq qembogh. vutwI' quv vIqIH 'e' vIpoQ 'ej
jIjatlh <Sojvam vISoplaHbe'. DaH jIHvaD Soj jej yIqem!> muyajHa'mo' jIHvaD
pIpyuS pach qem. mebpa'meyDaq jIpawDI' qagh vISuq 'e' vInID 'ach qagh Qop
neH vIHev jay'! tera' vISuchqa'chugh tlhIngan leng Soj law' vIqembej.

<tera'Daq lengwIj wa'DIch> 'ay' cha'

tunqu' QongDaqwIj vaj ravDaq jIQong. jIvemDI' <San DI'eygho'> vengDaq Hu
vIleghmeH jIjaH. HochHom tera' Ha'DIbaHmey vIlegh. Sargh tIn rurbogh
Ha'DIbaH vIlegh 'ach tIqqu' mongDaj. jIjatlh <Sargh rurlaw' Ha'DIbaHvetlh.>
muQoy tera'ngan be'Hom Qup 'ej mujang <ghobe'. <jI'rav> 'oH Ha'DIbaHvetlh'e'
'ach bIQ'a'Daq yIn Sarghmey.> bIQDep yoSDaq jI'elpa' ghaH vIyajbe'qu' jIH.
<SarIq> vIlegh. norgh rur tera' Ha'DIbaHvam. vaj mIS tera'ngan be'Hom.
Qo'noS Ha'DIbaH yoS ngaS Hu. pa' vIratlhtaHvIS tlham HoS vItIvchu'. Qo'noS
ghor rurbej yoSvam 'ach wa' Qagh Sagh tu'lu'. SorDaq So'taHbogh yIH 'up
tu'lu'! vIHoH 'e' vInID 'ach mubot Surchem. Hu ra'wI' vIchuH. Qo'noSDaq
yIHmey yInbe'qu'. yIHmey muSchu'qu' Hoch tlhInganpu'. tlhIngan juHqo' 'oHHa'
yIHmey juHqo''e'. QeHqu'choHmo' ghaH jImer. nongqu'laH Humanpu' 'e'
vISovbe'; vulqanganpu' rurbe''a'?

ramvetlh <tay> Qe' vItu'. qabqu'be' <tay> Soj.

<tera'Daq lengwIj wa'DIch> 'ay' wej

DaHjaj <parIS> veng vISuch. ram jIpaw. Human ghe'naQ vIQoy vIneH. tlhIngan
ghe'naQ nIt 'oHbe'ba' Human ghe'naQ nItHa''e'!  QoQchaj vIpar. <'ayvel>
<luv> je vISuch.  runHa'qu' <'ayvel> qach. Hewmey law' bey'mey law' je ngaS
<luv> qach. betleH bey' vIlegh 'ej <'Iw 'Ip ghommey> rurbogh Hew vIlegh.
Hewmey vIparHa'chu' 'ach Hujqu' bey'mey. tera' lalDan chIrgh tIQ vISuchDI'
<gharghoyIl> Hew vIlegh. veqlargh rur <gharghoyIl>. Daj je Qorwaghmey nguv.

veb <lonDon> veng. puH'a' <bIrIteyn> puHHom je rar bIQ'a' bIng 'och. naDev
bogh SeQpIr. DIvI'vaD tlhIngan lutmey law' tlhIngan vIttlheghmey law'
tlhIngan bommey law' je mugh SeQpIr. lutmeyvetlh vItlheghmeyvetlh
bommeyvetlh je qon SeQpIr 'e' ponchu' Humanpu'. qech Doghqu' vInuSbej!
<lonDon>Daq tera' nuH tIQ qach vISuch. 'obmaQmey ghanjaqemy jey'naSmey
'alngeghmey je vIlegh. HIchmey lutlh vIlegh 'ej yanwI' Hew vIlegh. Dajqu'
Human veS qun 'e' vIHar. rallaw' Human no'.  DaH ralHa'choHba'pu' Humanpu'.
no'chaj vIHo'. 'Iw HoSmoH yol 'ach qa' pujmoH roj.

<tera'Daq lengwIj wa'DIch> 'ay' loS

DaHjaj <SImItlhonyan> yejHaD vISuch.

puj Humanpu'; bIQ lurur, 'ach val; Huy'Du' rur.

qun qach vISuchtaHvIS Hoch bey'mey vItIv. taHbe'pu'bogh Ha'DIbaHmey tIQ
HomDu' vIHaD. Dajqu' loghQeD qach. janmey lutlhqu' chabmey chu' je ngaS
qachvetlh. puvbogh Duj latlh vIlegh. tera' bavbogh SIbDoH wa'DIch vIlegh.
<venIQ> vIlegh je. pIvghor lo'bogh tera' Duj wa'DIch 'oH Dujvetlh'e'.
<venIQ> wIch lut vIghoj. qul toQ 'oH <venIQ>'e'. vaghvatlh DISmey qaSDI'
ru'choH qul toQ 'ach boghqa'.

<SIqagho'> vengDaq Soj 'ey jabtaHmeH tlhIngan Qe' vItu'. SojwIj
tera' vISuchtaHvIS 'e' vItIv. chaq boSuchnIS.

"My first voyage to Earth" part I
story composed by Tuv'el, son of Claw

Earth is found in the alpha quadrant.  It is the homeworld of Humans.  Earth
is the strangest world in this galaxy.  Earth is smaller than Kronos, so
Earth's gravity seemed weak to me.  When I arrived in the city of "San
Francisco" my translator stopped working again.  Luckily, I studied
<English> while I was young.  I was as hungry as gagh, so I looked for a
restaurant that served Earth cuisine.  I noticed an "Italian" restaurant and
I went in.  I said to the waiter, "Bring some pungent food for me."  The
so-called food he brought was very bland.  I demanded to meet the head cook
and I said, "I cannot eat this food.  Bring me sharp food, now!"  Because he
misunderstood me, he brought me pipius claws.  When I arrived at the hotel,
I tried to order gagh, but I received only dead friggin' gagh!  If I visit
Earth again, I will certainly bring a lot of Klingon food to go.

"My first voyage to Earth" part II

My bed was too soft so I slept on the floor.  As soon as I woke up, I went
to the city of "San Diego" to see the zoo.  I saw most of the animals of
Earth.  I saw an animal that looked like a large sark but it's neck was very
long.  I said, "That animal seems to resemble a sark."  A little Terran girl
heard me, and replied, "No, that's a giraffe.  Sarks live in the ocean."  I
didn't understand her before I entered the fish area.  I saw a "shark."
This Earth animal looked like a norg.  So, the Terran girl was confused.
The zoo contained a section for the animals of Kronos.  While I was there, I
absolutely enjoyed the stronger gravity.  This section undoubtedly resembled
the surface of Kronos, but there was one serious error.  There was a
disgusting tribble hiding in a tree!  I tried to kill it but was prevented
by a force field.  I explained clearly to the zoo's commander.  Tribbles do
not live on Kronos.  All Klingon's utterly detest tribbles.  The Klingon
homeworld is not the homeworld of tribbles.  I was surprised because he
became very angry.  I didn't know Humans could be so passionate.  Do they
not resemble Vulcans?

I found a "Thai" restaurant that night.  "Thai" food is not too bad.

"My first voyage to Earth" part III

Today I visited the city of Paris.  I arrived at night.  I wanted to listen
to a Human opera.  Impure Human opera is obviously not Klingon Grand Opera!
I dislike their music.  I visited the "Eiffel" and the "Louvre."  The
"Eiffel" building is very tall.  The "Louvre" building contains many statues
and displays.  I saw a Bat'telh display and a statue that looked like "blood
oath circles."  I really liked the statues, but the displays were very
strange.  When I visited the ancient temple of an Earth religeon, I saw a
"gargoyle" statue.  A "gargoyle" resembles the Fek'lhr.  The stained-glass
windows were also interesting.

The city of "London" was next.  A tunnel under the ocean connects the
mainland to the island of "Britain."  Shakespeare was born hereabouts.
Shakespeare translated many Klingon stories, proverbs, and songs for the
Federation.  Humans are absolutely convinced Shakespeare wrote those
stories, proverbs, and songs.  I certainly ridicule such a foolish idea!  I
visited a building of ancient Earth weaponry in "London."  I saw axes,
maces, double-headed axes, and axes with spikes on their ends.  I saw
primitive guns and a statue of a swordfighter.  I believe the history of
Human warfare is quite interesting.  The Humans' ancstors were apparently
violent.  Now Humans have obviously become non-violent.  I admire their
ancestors.  Conflict strengthens the blood while peace weakens the spirit.

"My first voyage to Earth" part IV

I visited the "Smithsonian" institute today.

Humans are weak as water, but clever as an eyebrow.

While I visited the History Building, I enjoyed all the displays.  I studied
the bones of ancient extinct animals.  The Space Sciences Building was very
interesting.  That building contained the most primitive devices and the
latest innovations.  I saw a primitive flying vessel.  I saw the first
satellite to orbit the Earth.  I also saw the "Phoenix."  That ship was the
first Earth vessel to use the warp drive.  I learned the story of the myth
of the "phoenix." The "phoenix" is a firebird.  Every five hundred years,
the firebird gets ready to die, but is reborn.

I found a Klingon restaurant that served good food in the city of "Chicago."
I most certainly did not nibble my food.

I enjoyed visiting Earth.  Perhaps you should visit it.


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