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KLBC: languages (was Re: New Millenium)

>jatlh Oto:
>>I speek 7 languages
>>and I'm learning about 10 in addition
>Hol wa'DIch 'oH'a' DIvI' Hol?
>- DujHoD

'ej nuq Soch Holmey DajatlhlaH, <Oto>?  nuq latlh wa'maH Holmey 
= And which seven languages can you speak, Oto?  Which ten other 
languages are you learning?

(KLBC question: Can I use <nuq> to mean "which" in the way I'm doing 
above?  <tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmeywIj Dayaj'a'?>)


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