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KLBC: a Zen story

I'm going to tell a story in Klingon as an exercise.
I hope I'm getting ideas across in the proper, i.e. natural, way.

SuSmo' joqtaH joqwI' 'e' lutu' ghojmoHwI' cha' ghojwI'Daj je.
= A master and his two disciples observe a flag flapping in the wind.

jatlh ghojwI' wa'DIch: "vIHtaH joqwI'."
= The first disciple says: "The flag is moving."

jatlh ghojwI' cha'DIch: "ghobe'.  vIHtaH SuS."
= The second disciple says: "No.  The wind is moving."

jatlhchu' ghojmoHwI': "Sulughbe'.  vIHtaH yabraj'e'."
= The master says: "(Both of) you are wrong.  It is your minds
which are moving."


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