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martaq vIqIH

qen, *Houston*Daq Ho'wI' qep vIjeS. *JG Hertzler* (martaq Sa' ghaH) vIqIH.
lutvam nuja':

Qu' Suq 'e' nIDDI', cha'logh ghItlh laD. laDta'ghach wa'DIch valqu'. <nom!
pe'vIl! qejqu'!> lura'. toH, pe'vIl quS jaDDI' nItlhpach wItlh! reghtaHvIS
'ej Dat 'Iw jaD, laDqu'. ghIq Qu' Suq.

qaStaHvIS tera' jar cha', *Voyager*vaD *Herogan* SuvwI' Da. *Hut Soch* Suv.
(*wa'maH Hut* pong!)

cha' paq ghItlh. tlhIngan Hol lugh lo' 'e' neH. tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh
vIja'DI' *email address*Daj munob. vIQaH, cheQaH, ghIq paqmeyDaj ghItlhDI'
tlhIngan Holna' lo'.

Recently, I attended a con in Houston. I met JG Hertzler (he is General
Martok). He told us this story:

During his audition, he read for the part twice. His first reading was
intelligent. They told him "Quicker, louder, meaner!". So, he threw a chair
and tore off a thumbnail. Spraying blood everywhere, he READ. Then, they
gave him the part.

He is writing two books and he wants to use proper Klingon. After I told him
that I speak Klingon, he gave me his email address. I help him, you help me,
then he uses true Klingon in his books.

vIt, batlh, yIn

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