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Re: Heghpu' SuvwI' mob

On the occasion of the passing of Clayton Moore, I tried something. The 
results are...well, weird. I transliterated the name that his friend Tonto 
always called him.

qI'mo' Sa'be'

qI' = sign (a treaty) (v)
-mo' = verb suffix  for "because"

Sa' = General (military rank) (n)
be'  = woman, female (n)

The compound noun would literally be interpreted (possesor-possessed) as "The 
General's woman", which is the subject of the verb-suffix construction which 
means "because <he/she/it> signed (a treaty)" ...
Does this seem to imply an indentured female servant/concubine belonging to a 
General ?
Why would Tonto refer to his friend in such manner ?


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