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RE: KLBC attempt #2

jatlh Daryl Quick:

> ghuy'cha'!!
> jIjatlh
> >    nuvHom tIch neH ghewHom 'ej lo'laHbe'ba' 'oH 'ach lo'laH 'oH 
> >    mup DaSwIj bing DaQ. vaj nuvHom batlh law' ghewHom  batlh puS 

> jIHech
> nuvHom tIch ghewHom neH 'ej lo'laHbe'ba' 'oH 
> 'ach lo'laH 'oH mup DaSwIj bIng DaQ. 

OK, I wish you had included the English here as well. I'm not quite sure
what you are trying to say. Minor stuff first: I think you meant <bIngDaq>
rather than <bIng DaQ>. <bIngDaq> is "under", while <bIng DaQ> is "the
ponytail of the area under", which is just weird.

For the rest of it, I think I'll wait for the English before trying to
correct it.

> vaj nuvHom batlh law' ghewHom  batlh puS 

<batlh> is not a verb - you want <quv> here.

>             pagh, pabwIj qar'a' 
>                  chavta'ngav 

That should be <qar'a' pabwIj> - verb before subject.

Beginners' Grammarian

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