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RE: How to unsubscribe (was Re: KLBC: wa'Hu')

jatlh Admiral Knight Vision:

> Heh funny..   I don't speak a word of Klingon..  
> Ok so I lied.. I know a couple of words, but I am 
> learning it VERY slowly..  The kewl part about 
> this language is it's Encryptic possibilities.. 
> heh..  if we all ever wanted to take over the 
> world we probably could.. LOL !!!

Actually, Klingon would not be particularly good for a secret code. For one
thing, the dictionary is available at just about every major bookstore in
the US, and probably fairly common abroad as well. The phonology makes it
quite easy to transcribe - there are only 26 "letters", and they are all
quite distinct, except maybe the <Q> and <q>. The grammar, although unusual,
is quite simple. Its only advantage is a lack of English cognates.

You'd be much better off with an Exotic Earth language. A few Native
American languages have been used as codes in the past (e.g. WWII), and
probably could be again.

> Qapla
> And don't yell at me since spelled that wrong, 
> like I said, I understand this guy for wanted 
> to leave, but I think he would be loosing out 
> on an interesting language.. :)

You got closer than most - you just left off the last letter. It's <Qapla'>.


Beginners' Grammarian

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