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Re: KLBC: calculate in Klingon

reghIyna' wrote:
: What are the operations "plus", "minus", "times" and "devided by" in  
: tlhIngan Hol?

Duy'qu' tlhIngan mI'QeD Sovmaj, 'ach wot puS DISov:

{SIm}   calculate
{togh}  count
{chel}  add  (Note that {chelwI'} is slang for someone who deals in
        finances, accounting, etc. according to KGT.)
{wav}   divide

No word for "subtract", but *{chelHa'} is a possibility or you could try
recasting with {nge'} "take away" or {teq} "remove, take off".  Also no word
for "multiply", but *{wavHa'} might work.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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