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Re: DuSaQ'a'; qepHommey

jatlh charghwI':
> I'll also point out that {qIroS} also has made fairly
> controversial use of {'e'} since {DuH} is not really a verb that
> can take a direct object. You don't "be possible" something.
> Just because we use the word "that" in English doesn't mean you
> can replace it with {'e'} in Klingon. qIroS likely should have
> said: {latlh qepHom vIchenmoHlaH.} To say, "It is possible that
> I can cause a qepHom to take form" is a vague, wittering,
> passive voice kind of expression of saying "I can cause a qepHom
> to form". "It is possible," is very vague. "I can" is much more
> explicit, direct and, well, Klingon.

"It is possible that we could modify the deflector dish by reversing the
polarity . . . ."  Heh.

Actually, I don't see any problem with the MEANING of the sentence.  The
following is what he meant, in my words:

chaq latlh qepHom vIchenmoHlaH.
Maybe I can form another {qepHom}.

The {chaq} covers the "it is possible that" without being whittering, and
while adhering to the Klingon ideal of Accuracy.

> And then there was SuStel's amazing equivalent to "There Was an
> Old Lady Who Swallowed a Spider, Who Wiggled and Jiggled and
> Tiggled Inside Her". Of course, the swallowed creatures were all
> Klingon, but he did it in rhyme and meter at a pace that breaks
> all barriers as a tongue twister. It brought down the house.

choquvmoHneS.  I'll have to have a talk with my own secret Klingon contact
and see if I can worm out another children's classic.  (Amazing the things
one can come up with when bored to tears on a bicycle!)

> I could be wrong, but I think that Krankor, ~mark, Lawrence and
> I are the only people who have been to ALL of the qep'a' so
> far. Holtej has been to most of them as has SuStel. I can tell
> you that I definitely intend to be there again and heavily
> encourage you to start making plans now to be there. It will
> change your life.

I couldn't afford the plane fair to Las Vegas for this year's qep'a'!
Waaaah!  I've been to exactly half of them (I didn't even know about them
until the third one!).  But this year it's going to be near Philadelphia
again, right!  Yes!!!

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