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Re: DuSaQ'a'; qepHommey

ja' Mark A Miles <[email protected]>:
>qepHom vIghoSmeH 'e' chongbe' HolwIj
>(My Klingon is not good enough for going to a qepHom [is this right?])

Neither the grammar nor the sentiment are right. :-)

Since I'm wearing my "qepHom coordinator" hat at the moment I'll leave
grammar and vocabulary issues to others.  I am not sure I would have
understood what you meant without the translation.

As for the sentiment -- you've got the wrong idea about qepHommey.  A
qepHom isn't intended as a place for skilled speakers to get together
and chat among themselves.  It's intended as a way to bring together
folks of all levels, from those who are merely curious all the way up
to those who are essentually fluent.  A qepHom is merely an informal
meeting of people who are interested in Klingon as a language.  There
is no requirement that the attendees -- or even the host -- be able to
speak even a single word of Klingon.  One would hope, however, that a
qepHom would provide the opportunity to learn some basic pronunciation
and vocabulary.  But the real intent is to provide a forum for people
to find out more about the language, and perhaps to inspire them with
samples of what can be done with it.

See for suggestions
on what a qepHom can be and how to put one on.

  Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
      qepHom coordinator for the Klingon Language Institute
qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /

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