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RE: KLBC: jIbuSHa'lu'taH'a'?

ja'pu' tuv'el:
>wa': vIHarlaHbe'.  rapbej Hoch maH!
>cha': Qo'.

ja' pagh:
>Interesting. <Qo'> means "No, I won't, I refuse", while <ghobe'> means "no"
>as the answer to a yes/no question. Which is used to contradict a statement?
>I suspect you are correct and that it is <Qo'>, but it is something to think

The TKD addendum gives us "no, I disagree" as another meaning of {Qo'}.  It
is completely correct the way tuv'el has used it.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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