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Re: KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (jav)

ja' tuv'el:
>tera' lalDanmey law' vIHaDlI'.
>I'm studying many of Earth's religeons.

{lalDanmey law'} means "many religions".  I can't quite understand it as
"many of the religions", the way you've tried to use it.  The only way I
can interpret your sentence is as "I'm studying Earth's many religions."

A general-purpose partitive "of" seems to be missing from Klingon grammar.
So far as I can find, we have examples only of {nIn Hoch} "all the fuel"
and {tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH wej HochHom} "most of the 23rd Century".
It's probably significant that both of these use a noun-noun construction
and not an adjectival verb, as N1-N2 can be translated as "N2 of the N1".

[For "many of X", I am almost tempted to try something like {X 'op law'},
but I sure wouldn't use it in a formal situation.]

><<'uS Hom rarba' qIv Hom.
>  qam Hom rarba' 'uS Hom.
>  yaD Hom rarba' qam Hom.
>  Dochmeyvam chenmoHmeH vumta' Qun.>>

>From the S14 Skybox card {tlhIngan nISwI' beH} "Klingon Disruptor Rifle"
we know that {rar} has the things connected as the object.  Try saying:

  'uS Hom, qIv Hom je lurarlu'...


-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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