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Re: New Millenium

William H. Martin wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Dec 1999 15:40:50 -0600 Steven Boozer
> <> wrote:
> > reghIyna':
> > : ...and how to say "ambush" in tlhIngan-Hol.
> It is good to give a whole sentence instead of asking for a
> single word. If you give a sentence, we can almost always offer
> meaningful recastings of the idea. When you ask for a single
> word, you are treating the language like a code instead of a
> langauge. Just plug in the Klingon word where the English word
> was. That is not how it works.
> "I ambushed the traitor." pay' maghwI' vImerchu'. pe'vIl vIHIv.
> vIHoH.
> "The Ferengi dogs ambushed us." HIghpu' verengan Ha'DIbaHpu'!
> qabDu'chaj 'angQo'. 'emmajDaq HIv. So''eghtaHvIS, nuHmey HoSghaj
> lo'. Hegh 'op SuvwI'na' yoH. bortaS wISuqnIS.
> I can't give you a simple list of words to plug in where you
> would use "ambush". Don't think so much on the level of words.
> Think more on the level of thoughts. Words are just the tools
> used to convey thoughts. They are not the same thing as
> thoughts. There are a collection of thoughts behind the
> expression of the word "ambush" and in Klingon you might choose
> different words for those different meanings, and you might even
> choose a combination of words to convey a particular meaning.
> charghwI'

That was my question.
You speek wise, but all this I knew for a long time. I speek 7 languages
and I'm learning about 10 in addition so I'm supposed to know what is a
language and how translations work. But I can explain my odd question. I
was quickly looking for a klingon name for me and as Ambush is my mostly
used callsign/nickname I thought that translated to klingon it could
give a good klingon name as it's meaning is close to the klingon way.

mu'tlhegh "qoH vuvbe' Suv net Sov." vIyajbe'

oto  ...who doesn't sleep at night

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