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Re: TKW audio

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:38:34 -0500 (EST) 

> qen <TKW audio> jISuq.  vI'Ij.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhHa'qu' <Michael Dorn>!
> 'ach <Roxanna Dawson-Biggs> Hol QaQ law' <Dorn> Hol QaQ puS.  
> nID <Roxanna>.
> = Recently I acquired the TKW audio.  I listened to it.  Michael
> Dorn (mis)speaks Klingon very badly!  However Roxanna Dawson-Biggs
> speaks it better.  (At least) she tries.
> (Did anyone listen to Dorn and think, like I did, that he sounded 
> like he really didn't want to be there???)

My often repeated opinion of Dorn's Hol is that he could not 
call off a charging targ to save his life. I have heard that he 
has stated an explicit lack of interest in learning anything 
about the language.

That said, I think he is a fine actor and has proven himself to 
be versatile, both portraying heroism and honor and doing a 
laudable job of playing the straight man for many of the 
funniest lines in any Star Trek series.

"Captain, I protest! I am not a merry man!"

"You mean we are just supposed to SIT here?"

"I don't understand their humor, either."

"Assimilate THIS!"

In particular, on Power Klingon and Conversational Klingon, he 
is hilarious. These are great performances.

Meanwhile, because of the way it was produced, the audio tape of 
The Klingon Way gave Dorn no place to show what he does well and 
depended completely on the one thing he is profoundly bad at. 
Dawson-Biggs wasn't as good as Christopher Lloyd in ST3, but she 
was surprisingly good. She was obviously trying hard to 
pronounce things correctly, though she also obviously couldn't 
understand anything she was saying.
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