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Re: Star Trek : Klingon! CD-Rom Game observation

> I realize that a phrase like "Everyone, be frozen" could be interpreted as
> "Do not move" in any civilization, but I was bored, and wanted to nitpick.

<Cantonese/Chinese> Hol jatlhtaHvIS vay', "petaD" ra'chugh, chaq 
"pebIrchoH" Hech 'e' yaj Hoch.
= If someone commanded in Cantonese/Chinese to "Freeze!" it might
be understood by everyone as "Become cold!", i.e. it would be
taken literally.

The phrase is a Terran colloquialism, and an English one at that.
That phrase in KCD bothered me too, along with the obvious 
mispronunciation (or shall I say slaughtering) of <bIyem'a'?>
which sounded like <bayyem''''''a?>

> juDmoS

Incidentally, is there a transcript somewhere of what Gowron was
supposed to be saying in the introduction?  I can make out a few
phrases here and there, but the rest is chatter to me.  Is it
in a back issue of HolQeD or something?  Also for those of us
who joined the KLI late (I got my card only a few weeks ago
=) ), are the back issues available online or something? 


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