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Re: Star Trek : Klingon! CD-Rom Game observation

In a message dated 99-12-28 11:19:41 EST, you write:

<< > pIj *KCD* vIQujpu'. reH munuQpu' vIDellaHbe'bogh vay'.
 Anybody capable of using grammar of this sophistication should 
 work a little harder on word order. Direct objects preceed 
 verbs, even in relative clauses. Also, I suspect you wanted the 
 verb {ghov} instead of {Del}.

I wasn't certain which verb would better carry the connotation I was looking 
for. What I wanted to convey is carried by the *other* Terran colloquialism, 
"Something which I could not quite put my finger on"...I went with 
Del<describe> as a variant on "define", but it really doesn't quite work, 
either. Anyone else have any ideas ?


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