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Re: HolQeD Dec/99 and "Barge"

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 06:29:11 -0500 (EST) malqa 
<> wrote:

> Then it is my error in mis-interpreting what was said here on the list
> previously. I was under the assumption that the tlhIngan Hol was not only
> going to be printed in HolQeD but corrected from what we were told was
> mangled tlhIngan Hol from Paramount. 

Your incorrect assumption here is that Paramount TV shows even 
TRY to speak Klingon well enough that they could be saying 
something close enough to meaningful that one could correct it. 
If I say, supposedly in English: "Doofle drank speaked morphel 
bixus", could you correct that? It does hint at English. A 
couple words sound a lot like English, though the grammatical 
forms don't really quite work.

Well, that is a lot like trying to figure out what people are 
"saying" on the TV shows. Meanwhile, some people are dedicated 
to all things supposedly Klingon, so they spend hours if not 
weeks studying every syllable, proposing new vocabulary and 
grammatical structures apparently indicated by these random 
syllables, sporadically accompanying mispronounced actual 
Klingon words, typically arranged in English word order with no 
reference to getting the part of speech right, let alone any 
grammatical structures. We get words like "gorch", for instance, 
which has no reference to Klingon word formation or phonemes.

Some of us catalog these revellations. I'm not sure why. It's 
not like there's any way to communicate using these sounds. But 
the person saying them had a lumpy forehead, so people pay 
attention to it and it gets into HolQeD, whether it deserves to 
be there or not.

The movies are worth studying. The TV shows are not.

> Respectfully,
> Lt.Commander Maud Freifelder /Lt.Commander malqa 
> Chief Security Officer /Chief of Cadet Corps.
> USS Triumph NCC-26228/R2/ Starfleet (Triumph Against All Odds) 
> jIjatlhpa' jatlh Hovmey (The stars will talk before I will)  
> *learn the klingon language on irc at #tlhIngan)*
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> On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, David Trimboli wrote:
> > jatlh malqa:
> > > However, today I opened the issue to
> > > see the transcript *mostly* in Capital letters which I assumed was what
> > > was going to be corrected plus the sentence structure. Now, I"m still
> > > a newbie and confuse easily but wasn't correction the goal not just
> > > reprinting the captions ? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I"m still
> > > confused as to why the incorrect forms were used here.
> > > And if what is in HolQeD is corrected.
> > 
> > 
> > The purpose of putting it in HolQeD is to have it published in written form
> > AT ALL.  Otherwise, those of us without closed captioning on our televisions
> > would never be able to see them.  It is not up to us to "correct" them,
> > though I certainly hope no one would object to your trying to do so, whether
> > on the list or in the pages of HolQeD.
> > 
> > 
> > SuStel
> > Stardate 99989.0


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